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Scientific Research on Universe, Quantum Mechanics,

Free Energy and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)


By Pablo Ayo

I begin to study scientific topics and to discover the wonder of ancient civilizations in the middle school. In my mind, was clear that all the history of humankind have some "missed pieces", so I begun to search it. However, we need to approach the desire to explore new worlds with a rational criteria. The scientific method and the technological research have helped us to sneak out from the neolithic caves, to sparkle the first fire, to built temples and to discover new continents on fast ships. Nowaday we live in confortable, warm houses, with water and fresh food in the fridge, connected each other by the web. Nothing of the above had never been achieved without the scientific method. Don't get me wrong: I sincerely appreciate the "New Age" philosophy, in the sense of looking for a deeper meaning in life. I practiced Kung Fu and meditation for years, disciplines that gave me a deep state of inner peace. What I fear, in those days, is the irrational belief in supertitious element that could lead us to a dark age, if we don't learn to balance our spiritual needs with logic.

I'm a researcher: I'm investigating and studies different subjects, from the latest science discoveries to the ancient civilizations, from the meaning of arcane symbols to the structure of the human mind. I believe that there's a link between spirit and science, and that in few yeas the research on quantum phisics will confirm the existance of the human soul and the reality of others continuums that we once called Afterlife . Mysteries could lead us to find new scientific solutions, or formulating brand new theories, that can somehow help throwing a light in the dark.

I started dealing with inexplicable phenomena years ago. From 1998 to 2000 I worked with Maurizio Baiata - an internationally well-knowed italian researcher and journalist - on the monthly Stargate Magazine, which dealt about mysteries and supernatural phenomena. Then I continued to study and to write articles for other magazines such as Nexus, Area 51, Mistero Magazine, X-Times, Di Tutto and so on. For years I carried out an intense activity of conferences, readings and meetings throughout Italy about unexpleinable phenomena, ET intelligences and UFO.

Another moment of great growth for me was the collaboration with Sabrina Pieragostini. She is the Editor-in-Chief and anchor-woman of "Studio Aperto", the Tv News of Italia1 Channel. She's a top professional, an iron-shaped woman with an exceptional critical sense and analytical capacities. Thanks to her I learned how to write a more incisive start, how to verify sources and documents, how to interview people correctly and how to better express some concepts. Above all, she is a brilliant example of the right mental attitude in studying these phenomena, which must be sober and balanced, without yielding to the extremes of fanaticism or skepticism.

If Matrix and Neo have taught us anything it's the basic difference between Perception and Reality: each state of perception corresponds to a reality, and they are all true. The wider our perceptual range is, the greater is the array of worlds that we can visit with our mind. The worlds, the universes, the dimensions move on invisible tracks, in a whirling dance we are unaware. And sometimes they touch each other, collide, break that subtle illusion of space-time continuum that we call "reality". We see lights in the sky, angels who help us in the moment of danger, beings so weird and wonderful that make us breathless.

But can we cross that limit? Where is the way to Shangri-La, or to Atlantis? Where we have to look to find a yellow brick road, the path that leads into the otherworld, where everything is possible? Well, that door is always in front of us, open and bright. But to cross it you need to do "a leap of faith", to jump beyond the line into a diversified perception, a denial of the maya illusion that we call concrete and ineluctable reality. We have to erase the perceptive world around us, in order to view a new one. As Shakespeare once said, "I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams". Because reality changes if the frequency band of our perception changes. I haven't miraculous recipes, I can't swear it will happen for sure, nor can I tell you how to do it, but sometimes the magic works. Try it.

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