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Pablo Ayo Alessia Serafin



Every summer in the wheat fields around the world mysterious circles appear, rich in ancient symbols and precise mathematical metrics. The grain collected inside these crop circles, when analyzed in the laboratory, shows biological changes due to powerful electromagnetic emissions. Who creates these agroglyph complexes in the wheat fields, and why?

1428, France: the young Joan of Arc has powerful visions that prompt her to visit the future king of France Charles VII and to spur him against the English invaders, changing the course of history. Was she just a visionary, or was the precise work of extraterrestrial entities behind those angelic appearances? Did he really die at the stake, or did he survive under an assumed name?

For centuries kings and emperors have tried to obtain the Lance of Longinus, the weapon that would kill Christ on Golgotha, capable of giving immense powers and victory to those who possess it. Costantino, Ezio Flavio, Carlo Magno and Federico Barbarossa would have linked their destinies and their glorious conquests to the possession of the mystical weapon. Hitler's rise and fall also seem incredibly connected with his possession of the Miraculous Spear. Is this just a myth, or does the Spear of Destiny really exist?

The Crop Circles, Noah's Ark, Joan of Arc, UFOs and Top Gun, amphibious humanoids, the spear of Longinus and the Zombies: seven mysteries of ancient and modern history investigated according to the most advanced investigative techniques, to shed light on questions that have been waiting for an answer for too long.

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Format: 14.8 x 21

Pages: 224

Publisher: Strangedays Books

Publication date: May 2019

Italian language

Price: 11.00 euros + shipping costs


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