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Pablo Ayo


Operation "Killing Dolls": the CIA, the Illuminati and the conspiracy behind Charles Manzon and Sharon Tate

In July 1969, a few days after the Woodstock concert and the first moon landing, Charles Manson's "Family" made several heinous murders in Los Angeles. At first glance it looks like a macabre massacre carried out by a group of young drug addicts and exalted by their charismatic leader. However, at the same time, in Europe, director Roman Polansky, husband of one of the victims (actress Sharon Tate), was completing the filming of "Rosemarys' baby", a film focused - like others of the director - on the activities of a influential satanist group inserted at the top of society. Investigations reveal a dramatic scenario of abuse, Hollywood orgies, hallucinogenic drug use and Satanist activities in the heart of America's well, where hypnosis is a key part. Rituals that seem to be partially revealed by other films by Polansky, obsessed with the occult like Sharon Tate, who was introduced to magic by the "witch king" Alex Sanders in 1966 ("year one" of Satanism), during the shooting of the film "The devil's eye". Foreword by Enrica Perucchietti.

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