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«Beyond the Borders there are Mysteries still to be revealed. From new technologies to strange social phenomena, from the latest space missions to quantum, from angels to ghosts, from esotericism to the wonders of the human body. Whenever a mystery pushes us to cross a limit - be it mental, physical or social - we become Pioneers in search of New Frontiers ".

- Pablo Ayo

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The official Pablo Ayo's YouTube channel

Providing news in real time, explaining current scientific discoveries in an understandable way, analyzing the great events of history in an exhaustive manner, discovering new interpretations of ancient mysteries. Finding the elements that connect the wonders of nature to the complexity of the human mind, ancient myths to clipeology, space exploration to quantum physics.

Trying to find answers where no one has yet tried to look, find the evidence and dispel false myths, to analyze legends and religions in the light of the latest archaeological and scientific discoveries.

Discuss together about the breaking news and unclear topics of our time, not excluding theories apparently too incredible to be true.

All this is "Pablo Ayo: Frontiers", an extraordinary journey towards strange, new worlds, where the human race rediscovers itself.

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