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Pablo Ayo

Othello and the Curse of the Hotels

Hotels bring bad luck to Otello Bonacasa: broken arms, missed engagements, lost jobs. All since Evaristo, the high school bully, at 16, didn't give him the nickname "Hotello con l'H". By avoiding getting close to hotels, guesthouses, B & Bs and above all hotels, slowly things are getting better: he becomes a successful computer scientist and founded the company “Cloud 9” together with his friend Mario Trifoldi. He finally has a lot of money, a luxurious apartment and a beautiful girlfriend: Alisa.

All is well until he travels to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to present his new project to shareholders. Convinced that bad luck has now passed, he stays in the most beautiful hotel in Dubai, the Atlantis. From that moment on, Othello's life fell apart: when the police found a suitcase full of cocaine in his hotel room, he found himself forced to flee, first from the Arab Emirates and then from the Rebibbia prison, chased by Camorra hitmen, drug dealers Colombians and Roman criminals. Otello will have to be able to find out who wants to frame him and why, with the help of some incredible characters he met in prison: the Polish giant Baby Wachowsky, the vucumprà Sahid, the Venetian forger Bepi, the Ligurian smuggler Ceschìn and above all Evaristo, his hated former high school friend who had nicknamed him "Hotello".


Format: A5
pages: 320
Format: 14.8 x 21
Publisher: Strangedays Books
Publication date: April 2019
ISBN: 978-8890437731

Italian language

Price: 10 euros + expenses



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