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Pablo Ayo


Descriptions, photos and identikits of Extraterrestrial visitors

Thousands of people around the world claim to have had close encounters of the third kind with non-human creatures. The existence of the aliens has also been confirmed by retired military and former intelligence agents, who have also revealed the involvement of some governments in the management and cover-up of the UFO phenomenon. Several Top Secret documents have also emerged over the years, containing authentic classified government inquiries into the existence of multiple alien races on our planet.

This text accurately outlines the main alien races present on our planet, the subject of frequent close encounters of the third type. Years of research and investigation have allowed the author to illustrate features, physical, biological and psychological characteristics, as well as to provide information of a technical, historical and sociological nature of the different races.

Complete with photos and original color images, this manual is intended to be a useful reference for those who study or are interested in the UFO phenomenon, but also for the victims of "abductions", that is, for those who have been abducted by aliens.

The history of each group of extraterrestrial races is described in a short history, which outlines the main cases of which they became protagonists. In the text there is also a section on Men In Black (the infamous Men in Black) and an original chapter on alien technology.

Descriptions and color illustrations of 36 different alien races

Complete fact sheet on extraterrestrial technology

Incredible photos of non-human creatures


Author: Pablo Ayo
Publication: November 2014
Format: 17 x 24
Pages: 80
Price: € 8 + shipping costs.


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