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Pablo Ayo


Documents, testimonies

and definitive evidence of 70 years

of ET presences on Earth

During the heated air battles of World War II, numerous fireballs are seen darting alongside the planes: they are baptized Foo Fighters. It will only be the beginning of a phenomenon that will become increasingly vast and controversial over time. Images, documents and incredible testimonies accompany us through the dark corridors of a parallel history of the last 70 years: from Hitler's contacts to those of President Eisenhower, from the genesis of the Bilderberg Group to that of Majestic 12, from the infamous pact with the Grays to the Roswells Philip Corso files. NASA's secrets about what really happened on the Moon and those of the military involved in Rendlesham's IR3 in Great Britain. The doctors and firefighters of Varginha in Brazil speak of a UFO crash, the farmers of Puertorico speak of Chupacabras, the experts of Area 51 speak of connections between military and reptilians, the insiders of Dulce in New Mexico, speak of alien reverse engineering, the astronomers of JPL and Nibiru, Planet X, speak of the face of Mars. Almost seventy years of a history parallel to ours, so full of secrets and lies that today it seems almost on the verge of exploding and investing the world with its terrible load of too long hidden truths.

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Alien Report | Pablo Ayo | ONE publishers
Series: The Hidden History
Author: Pablo Ayo
Publication: June 2014
Format: 14 x 20
Pages: 380
Price: 10.50 euros + expenses




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